Useful facts about onions


Onions are useful, have a long shelf life and must be kept cool.
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Almhaga i Sverige AB

Almhaga Vegetables has already since its inception in 1965 had onions in their orchards. This gives us over 40 years of experience in the cultivation of onions.

At the start, onion an extremely time-consuming crop. The grown much like it does today, but the harvest work was completely manual. The onion was detached from the earth with a machine and hand picked up in wooden boxes that held 12-15 kg. The boxes were put in piles on the ground to dry before they were driven out and poured advance of the harp.

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Safe quality cultivation

From initial inspection of the soil in the spring in the fixation of onion in the fall, we give the onions and its prospects for growth 100% of our attention.

Nothing is more important than this phase of the work. No sorting or packing machine can rescue a poorly managed and harvested onion and therefore control of the plantations the most important work we do throughout the year.

Approximately 10% of the cultivation is onion sets. The remaining culture is sowing the onion that is more shelf-stable. We want to provide our customers with our fine Swedish and self-produced onions over the winter and so far into spring as possible. This method, put onion sets, we use as a supplement for us to get started with the sale of Swedish-produced onions in the beginning of August each year.

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