All about onion!

Onions can be used for so much, it is one of the kitchen’s best ingredients.

Make sure you have a sharp knife when chopping onions, then it will be stylish pieces and small tears. Fried onions is the best accompaniment to steak. Another time gives finely chopped onion savory taste in a stew or soup.

Many recipes for soups, stews and sauces start with that you should chop and fry onion in a little butter. To mill onion means that the onions will become soft and translucent, it will not get the color. Stir often in the pan and add a little water if the onions begin to burn.

Fried onions for hamburgers to be browned, it means that it will fry so long, still over low heat, it has color.

Useful facts about onions

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